The Iron Fist of Daylight Savings Time

Who do the governments think they are helping with daylight savings time?  And what great numbers must benefit from the barbaric practice before it justifies imposing a shift in all of our schedules?  If it is to benefit the farmer, who for some unknown reason is commonly romanticized and heavily subsidized beyond practically every other profession, I have a better solution: Have the farmers adjust their own schedules by mere minutes a day to keep up with changes in daylight.  If the cause is to reduce expenditures on energy, what do these same masterminds so often tell us about the stimulative effect spending has on the economy?  Every argument I have heard in favor of interposing the collective will on my daily schedule can be classified as a weak, pos hoc rationalization of a long-held mass delusion. 

What does it say about our conception of government that in most of the country, we willingly disrupt our lives with nary a whimper?  All the while, few of us are even aware of the purported benefits of the activity, and fewer still actually realize anything more than mild sleep deprivation as a result. 
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