John Bolton Defends Killing of American Citizens Without Due Process

John Bolton, statist apologist and war monger extraordinaire recently appeared on Stossel.  He made the following statements that I simply could not believe, even from him.  When asked by a student about the government's power to kill civilians without due process, the meat of Ambassador Bolton's response was: 

We killed tens of thousands of American citizens, maybe even hundreds of thousands, with no due process whatever in the Civil War.  And it was the right thing to do.

Too which the crowd boos appropriately.  He follows up:
You know, you want to discredit a movement, defend the Confederacy... Go ahead.
This all begins around 4:40 in the following video.  Really, Mr. Bolton?  Is it defending the Confederacy to disapprove of your justification of murdering thousands of people without due process because the "good guys" decided it was necessary in order to preserve the almighty Union?

When will we be able to have a rational conversation about the War Between the States in this country without the Union state chauvinism and good side/bad side dichotomy?  Is it possible to not support the rampant killing of citizens without due process and to also not be an advocate of slavery at the same time?  This is the mental barrier people like Mr. Bolton would like to see erected, because they know that in the minds of most people not adoring Lincoln and his flagrant abuse of power constitutes a vile form of racism.  

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