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Somehow I was fortunate enough to get on the "Organizing for Action" mailing list.  Boy are they barking up the wrong tree!  I say "fortunate" not because they will benefit in any way from sending me the emails, but because I get a fair amount of entertainment out of them.  I didn't watch any of the Great Leader's speech last night, nor have I yet read any news reports on it.  But, I can guess from this email what he's planning on doing - higher minimum wage, higher deficits, more spending on everything, especially education and other feel-good programs, rinse and repeat.  After about a term and a half in office, I get the sense that the brilliant tactician has finally come up with a plan to save us all from ruin!  Unfortunately, and I'm still guessing here, it's the same shit he's been doing all along.

For your entertainment, I have included the text of the email below:

Daniel --

Tonight, President Obama made sure everyone knows:

He's not waiting for Congress. He's taking action now, and he's going to explore every method in his power to restore real opportunity for all Americans.

Let's follow the President's lead. We can win big fights this year, but with all the forces standing in our way, let's not kid ourselves into thinking that will happen without real commitment at the grassroots level -- from all of us.

Daniel, can you do your part? Chip in $5 or more and let's get to work:

Thanks -- more soon,


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action
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