My Least Favorite Presidents - Part 1

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt - Liberty's least favorite presidentI'm tired of hearing how great Theodore Roosevelt was.  All though history class in school, and from
every adult progressive at a cocktail party since, I have had to suffer the sycophants, "Oh don't you just love Theodore Roosevelt?  He was just so full of energy and gumption.  He got soooo much done!"

"I would have preferred he got much less done.  The world would be a better place."  is my standard reply.

To which I commonly hear, "Oh but he greatly expanded the power of the executive.  He took power and authority whether his opponents thought he had the authority or not.  He created the modern office of The President."

Inquisitively, I wonder, "And this distinguishes him from Hitler, Napoleon and Chairman Mao because he was less ambitious or just less successful?"
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