University Pelf

I went to my home state's flagship university for my undergraduate engineering degree.  I had a classmate there who thought he was particularly bright.  Most of us begged to differ, and he didn't have the most endearing personality.  He once laughed at me in 2006 for suggesting that Microsoft would loose market share to its competitors and that the specter of its "monopoly" would run its own course if left alone.  He struck me as particularly lazy, both intellectually and physically, and he was a poor leader of our senior design team despite his campaign to the contrary.  I was delighted to learn this morning in our alumni magazine that he is now a professor at the university and the new poster child of a considerable DOD grant to develop the next super weapon for the never ending War on Everyone.  I couldn't think of a more appropriate person to represent the suckling piglets of university pelf.  

pelf - money or wealth, especially when regarded with contempt or acquired by reprehensible means.

It has become an archaic term, but I suggest we bring it back.
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