The Need for Government - A Fallacy?

Is it just me, or does pretty much every argument for the necessity of government boil down to the argument from personal incredulity, "I can't think of how X can be true, therefore X is false."  These arguments come from Left, Right, Center and even radical Libertarian minarchists.  The story is always the same:

We have to have government because...

  • ... I can't conceive of how we would have roads without them.  
  • ... I can't imagine who would take out the trash.
  • ... it's impossible for people to pay for their own healthcare. 
  • ... no one would be able to keep law and order.  
  • ... I can't imagine parents educating their own kids. 
  • ... I don't see how businesses will regulate themselves such that they will produce high quality, safe products.  
  • ... I can't come up with a way to make basic science research profitable without subsidies.  
  • ... it would just be utter chaos without it.  
Perhaps I am missing something.  I'm sure you'll let me know.  
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