My Liberal Spin-Off

I'm thinking of starting a blog from a liberal/progressive perspective.  It will be much easier on me, and I am certain to get more traffic.  Not only that, I will be able to produce way more content.  "Why?" you might ask?
First, I can just believe the Teacher's Union's version of history.  I only have to remember back to third grade.  It will be great!
Second, I don't have to think critically.  I just have to remember the following "arguments":
    1. The rich get rich by exploiting the poor.  
    2. Unions and labor laws, such as the minimum wage, created the middle class and the prosperity we enjoy today as Americans.   
    3. Markets, unregulated and left to their own devices, boom then bust and inevitably fail the little guy.  
    4. FDR saved us from the Great Depression which was caused by the laissez-faire policies of his predecessors.  
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