Append "By Force"

I am usually more for breaking laws than making them, but I just had one of those there-ought-to-be-a-law moments that I imagine liberals and conservative have daily.  My law would be that every time someone who is either running for or executing some government office speaks to the public and gives a plan for how they are going to "help" us, they must append the words "by force" to their statement.

Example:  We're going to invest in Green Energy - by force.  We're going to provide health insurance to every American citizen - by force.

This may seem cumbersome, but in my opinion it is the best way to ensure that the motives and methods of the government remain in clear view of the general populous.  Just imagine how poorly FDR's Second Bill of Rights would have been received if this law was in place.  Hell, the State of the Union Address might even be bearable were this law in effect.

I think most people apply the old adage about sausage to government - it's best not to think about how it is made.  But, if we are to be consistent moral agents, we must not ignore the dirty side of governance lest we give our sanction to the imposition of force on others.  What made the Solyndra scandal so egregious was not that the president and his cronies picked a loser, it was the fact that they took money from the taxpayers - by force - and propped up a pet company in a politically sexy business.

Call your congressmen; let's make it happen!

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