Tax Deductions, Cognitive Dissonance and State Worship

I had an epiphany this morning--in the shower as usual.  I have been working for the last couple of evenings on my taxes, and a family member with whom I have had numerous conversations on the topic came to mind.  He knows a considerable amount about the subject, having worked for an accountant for a number of years and heading a household since the mid-1980's.  He knows the deductions inside and out and keeps up on the vagaries of the code, and he exploits them to his maximum benefit.  For this I do not blame the man.  In fact, I find it quite laudable, as you might imagine.  But, what you don't know about this man is that he has never met a government program he didn't like.  I wonder if the thought has ever crossed his mind that his desires for the State to bring us all to Nirvana are countered by his legal attempts to shirk his duty as a citizen?
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