On Assault Weapon Bans

Our humble servants in Washington are unwilling to let the latest shooting crisis go to waste.  They are hell-bent on banning "assault weapons", a term I have yet to see defined objectively.  I would never advocate such a ban, but I would expect its proponents to at least provide the following evidence:
  • That gun violence in the nation is increasing
  • That gun violence in schools is increasing
  • That gun violence among children is increasing
  • That the use of "assault weapons" in mass killings is on the rise
  • That the use of "assault weapons" increases the number of people killed in sprees controlled for other variables

As far as I can tell, there is no credible evidence for these claims in spite of News rhetoric to the contrary.  What is worse,  appeals to evidence in this "debate" are few and far between.  Those in power play on the emotions of the common citizen at a time of great sadness.  They seek to maintain their power and to make a place for themselves in history without regard to the promises made to the citizens that they will make no law infringing upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  They paint themselves as the great and benevolent protectors while ignoring their own gun ownership.  If we are to accept the social contract theory, where does the right of the government to own guns come from if not by proxy for that right of the citizens? 

As I've stated before, if you think you can take your neighbors' guns without one of your own, you are a fool.  If you think you would be righteous in doing so with a gun of your own, you are a hypocrite. 

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