"The Cartel" Exposes Dangers Of Central Planning In Education

I just finished watching The Cartel which was a brilliant documentary of the state of publicly run schools in the US.  As much as I may disagree with the notion that public funding of education is a necessity, there can be little doubt that the administration of education must not be left to the public sector.  In the public sector there exists no robust mechanism for evaluating and communicating performance, and the greatest motivation against failure - the fact that it might happen - is entirely absent in a system where a school's revenue is determined solely by the population within its fiefdom.  

There are few situations in American life more disturbing than that our youth are used by powerful unions and political machines to further their narrow interests.  I consistently struggle to give union organizers the benefit of the doubt, but as they pay lip service to the educational interests of students I hear their most well crafted rhetoric and feel their greatest passion directed toward defending their monopoly.  I am simply out of sympathy for them.

The Cartel is highly recommended viewing.
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